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It has continued uninterruptedly since 1984

Shri Sudharma Industries

Shri Sudharma Industries, situated on the G.T. road at village Kauri Khanna, holds very old place in cattle feed industry supplying nutritious feed under the brand name of Sardar to dairy farmer of Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Jammu and Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Uttranchal and many other states. This unit was started in 1984 by Late Sh.Ramesh Goyal.

It has been using the latest technology in making cattle feed. With the feed back from the market shri sudharma industries is elated as dairy farmers and other cattle owners have appreciated its Sardar brand. Since last 40 years ''SARDAR'' came up as a brand in the cattle feed industries. At that time there was no concept of a brand in this field. In late and early 1990 ''SARDAR'' was a brand using professional marketing channel like dealer conferences, advertising with good modelling, attractive packaging etc.It was a time when cattle feed was regarded as a low profile product. It needed the visionary like Shri Ramesh Goyal to launch a successful brand. He wanted to bring white revolution in Punjab through the concept of balanced feed. His untimely death did not stop his work as his wife took over the mantle to take the company to greater heights of success.

Mrs.Savita Goyal deserves credit for maintaining high quality in feed at a time when price war had taken a heavy tool of many units. She attributes her success to inspiration she has drawn from a doyen of cattle feed industries in Punjab.


Many awards the company's founder had won, bear testimony to his contribution to the feed industries in Punjab. AMONG OF THEM ARE :-

  • Gold medal by the institute of Quality Control and National Character, Faridabad.
  • Udyog Shree Award presented by union labour and social welfare minister Ram Vilas Paswan in Hyderabad in 1990.
  • Lok Shree Award presented by Commerce minister Dr.Subramaniam Swami in Mumbai in 1990.
  • Udyog Rattan award by Punjab governor Surendra nath in Chandigarh in 1993.
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Why Sardar Cattle Feed

SARDAR cattle feed combines the energy rich ingredients of oil cakes, cereals, brans, molasses, salt, mineral mixture Vitamins etc. to produce a fortified mix that ensures ideal results in the following aspects of animal husbandry :

  • More milk with higher fat content.
  • Shorter dry periods and uniform milk yield through subsequent lactations.
  • Optimum health and growth of the livestock, through build up of body components.
  • Prevention of malnutrition and diseases caused by dietary deficiencies.
  • Stronger bones and all around body development.
  • Healthy maturity of calves at faster rate.
  • Increased strength and work energy in dry animals.
  • Reduction in overall cost of feeding.
  • Maximum earnings and profit through richer milk yield.

The Process

SARDAR cattle feed is processed under high standard specifications. All the ingredients are thoroughly pre-tested in the laboratory and pass through various quality control analyses before use. Next, they are proportionately dozed, well ground and mixed carefully to produce a homogenous, balanced blend which has the best possible bio chemical composition and is free of fungus as well as insect infestation. The subsequent grinding, molassing and palleting is done by special machines capable of even dispersal of ingredients. Thus, each pallet is a complete feed in itself. SARDAR cattle feed is packed in clean HDPE bags.

Feeding Instructions

SARDAR cattle feed ideally replaces the concentrated part of the animals daily ration. However, good quality green grass or hay should be fed in optimum quantity. Replacement in the conventional ration should be made over a period of 7-10 days. SARDAR cattle feed may preferably be fed dry or after soaking in water for a short time (not more than 5 minutes).

Feeding Schedule

For animals giving milk :

  • The milking animals need feed for two purposes :
  • Maintenance
  • Milk production
Cows (per day) BUFFALOES (per day)
1.5 kg Plus 1 kg for every 2.5 litres of Milk yield. 2 kg Plus 1 kg for every 2.5 litres of Milk yield.

(Maintenance PLUS Milk production)