Why is Sardar Feed best for Cows and Buffalo ?

Providing quality feed to cattle is a primary concern of every dairy farm owner. With deteriorating environmental conditions and low availability of natural fodder, it has become tough to arrange for quality and nutritious feed for cows and buffaloes. Though many companies boast of providing best quality cattle feeds, not many of them live up to the quality standards and expectations of the customers. At such a time, Sardar Feed comes up with top-quality, nutrient-rich and 100% organic feed for cows and buffaloes to increase milk production and enhance strength and endurance in cattle.

Here are a few reasons why Sardar Feed products are the best for your cows and buffaloes :

Reputed brand : Sardar Feed is a product range of Shri Sudharma Industries and has been catering to the needs of the dairy farmers since 34 years. We are well-known to offer high-quality feed and fodder for cattle in the region of Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Jammu and Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Uttrakhand and more.

High-quality : Our products are manufactured keeping in mind the quality of the end product. Each product delivers a set of values which ensures health in cattle and productive farming for the dairy owners.

A boost of energy and nutrients : Our energy booster for cows and buff booster for Buffaloes are high energy cattle feed available at affordable prices. These products are rich in protein, energy, minerals and vitamins which promotes health and lucrative milk production in cows and buffaloes.

We are trusted by farmers across the nation : Sardar feed is the best pashu aahar brand, trusted by hundreds and thousands of dairy farmers all across the nation. With us, dairy farmers have reaped rich fat content milk and expanded their revenue base.

With years of experience and dedication to deliver the best, Sardar Feed constantly tries to bring you the richest, purest and nutrition rich cattle feed at the best affordable price.

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